Means of Exchange is your go-to site for information on how to make the resilience economy work for you and your community. On our Blog, you can catch up with questions, issues and hot topics that have caught our eye, share useful online reading in our Community Links page, or get in contact with Labs to reach out to our wider network of skilled experts.

What do we mean by ‘resilience economy’?

All across the world, people are experimenting with innovative ways to overcome widespread challenges such as bankruptcy, waste and isolation caused by social or geographic divide. Whether it’s through creating community currencies, sharing resource platforms or crowdfunding direct aid, there is a growing (and exciting!) movement demanding more from the notion of transactions – and from the organisations which facilitate them. Some of these ideas are made possible by the ready availability of digital technologies, some measure profit in social outcomes, but all of them radically reinvent the idea of exchange to meet twenty-first century needs.

Via communication, research and bespoke tools, Means of Exchange works to democratise these opportunities for use in the communities which need them. Sign up here, if you would like to join the MoE community, stay up to date with news & views … and of course, receive our newsletter!

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