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We’re working on a directory of online tools to help you and your community consider different resilience economy approaches, and make better use of your existing resources. Follow any of the links above to learn more about tools in the different categories.

For more information and helpful definitions on the different types of alternative exchange, hop over to the Types of Exchange section.

Means of Exchange is committed to building tools as well. The first – Cash Mobbers – was launched during the London Olympics in the summer of 2012, in part to highlight the plight of small businesses in the Olympic Park area. For further details see below. The second tool is a Facebook app based on timebanking which is currently being tested by a community in Cambridgeshire, England.

  • Cash Mobbers

    Cash mobbing is a new craze where groups of people arrange to meet at a local business and buy something. Cash mobs are designed to support local businesses and the local community, but also provide social opportunities for people to get together and meet.

    With a launch during the 2012 London Olympics, the “Cash Mobbers” website is designed to give people an easy way to arrange their own cash mob, and promote it through social media, or search for – and join – other events in their area.

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