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Exchanges are specialist networks which allow the exchange of services between members, without the use of money.

Simply Home Exchange


About the project
Simply Home Exchange is a non-commercial Home Exchange and Vacation Rental Site with complete Worldwide coverage and unique property vetting system by the members, the new concept in Home Exchange programs. It allows members to visit new places around the world with no accommodation costs saving potentially $1,000s of dollars on the cost of your vacation, put simply you swap homes with people around the world for a vacation, you can even swap cars and save more on car rental costs.

Dolls House Exchange


About the project
This website was built following the increasing demand and need from customers visiting our retail shop who wished to sell their dolls house, furniture and accessories which were no longer required. Like most retail shops, we advertised our customers dollhouses on our notice board to gain interest and enquiries.



About the project
Just like eBay is an online marketplace for buying and selling goods, Shiply is an online marketplace for transporting goods. Users simply list items they need to move – free and with no obligation and then receive low cost quotes from thousands of feedback-rated transport companies.



About the project
uShip is an online transport marketplace that connects people with customer-reviewed delivery companies that can move hard-to-ship items such as cars, motorcycles, horses, heavy equipment, household goods, boats and more. Transporters place competing quotes to win a customer’s business, which brings down delivery costs and makes transport more affordable and efficient.

Shed 5


About the project
Shed 5 is a trade-only freight exchange and only courier / transport businesses can join, so you know you will be dealing with transport professionals and expert couriers. Shed 5 is the safest exchange because every new registration is carefully checked and verified, using insurance documents, Companies House records and other public records.

Haulage Exchange


About the project
Haulage Exchange is the leading independent freight exchange for the 7.5Tonne market and beyond. The membership is restricted solely to Accredited transport professionals – be they road haulage companies, freight forwarders, owner operators or logistics companies.

The site provides a real-time venue for the exchange of trade information about empty vehicles, haulage loads and sub-contract haulage jobs throughout the UK and continental Europe. There is also a strong user community, which is facilitated through a number of online chat forums.

Courier Exchange UK


About the project
Courier Exchange is an online trading platform for same-day courier and express freight delivery movements.

Courier Mobile


About the project
Courier Mobile helps both courier companies and courier drivers buy and sell jobs by allowing real-time live updates of driver location and availability in conjunction with your Courier Exchange membership.

mtvan Mobile


About the project
Couriers can share their real-time location, status, and availability with other courier companies using mtvan. Thanks to the mtvan app controllers can see where you are and contact you if they have work that needs covering. The app will send you free ‘Goods to Move’ notifications about nearby work as it is placed on mtvan.


Simply Home Exchange


About the project
This is a meeting place for the non-commercial exchanging of homes World Wide. Just browse through the listings & contact members to arrange a suitable time to exchange homes.


Know Your Trade


About the project
Swapping homes is an idea that has been around since the 1950s. It has evolved from a catalogue based system to an almost exclusively web based one, although a few sites do still use catalogues. Home exchanges usually involve a mutual exchange of homes for an agreed period of time. Many swaps are done simultaneously, but some are non-simultaneous. Most of the time the arrangements are made by the traders, though some of the sites assist in arranging a trade.

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