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Means of Exchange is after some enthusiastic volunteers! Take a look at the roles listed below, and get in touch

Trends Correspondent

Are you familiar with concepts such as ‘collaborative consumption’ or ‘time banking’? Do you make time for Tech for Good meetups in your local area? Do you sigh (yet click) every time you see a tweet linking to an article about why it’s not really a ‘sharing’ economy? Means of Exchange is looking for an enthusiastic trends researcher, who tracks the rise of global sharing ideas like other people watch the FTSE. If you think you could help us produce trends briefings for the MoE community and be a regular contributor to the conversations in our MoE slack channel, then we would like to hear from you.

Regional Correspondents

We really want the ideas and work produced by Means of Exchange to reach the places where it’s most needed. Are you great at building partnerships, or making connections with groups in your local area? We are looking for a group of remote volunteers to map the scene in their local community, on issues relevant to Means of Exchange – such as the collaborative economy, or alternative currencies. This could be a list of groups (corporate, voluntary and state), or simply keeping us in touch with local cultural shifts and conversations as they happen. We are particularly keen to hear from candidates based in the Global South.

Volunteer Means of Exchange reviewer

Despite being speedy readers at Means of Exchange, we just can’t quite keep on top of the ever-growing bookshelf. We are looking for an insightful reviewer to read the latest books coming out in the community resilience and alternative economy sector. For some examples of titles, check out Shareable’s post on the 22 new books for winter. The ideal candidate will either have some knowledge of this area, or is interested to use this as an opportunity to develop their reviewing skills. Perhaps you have an idea to do this differently, such as coordinating an online book club? Feel free to pitch to us with an interesting book column idea.



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