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Local currencies – also known as a complementary or community currencies – are tender which is officially separate from the government’s currency. It can only be used within a designated geographic area.



About the project
LETSlink UK is the lead body supporting Local Exchange Trading Systems nationally. We represent LETS in the media, to the government and national organisations. We organise UK conferences, training and seminars, advice, networking, and the development of new forms of LETS for health services, food producers, local authorities and ‘third’ sector’ community economic initiatives.

Chinook Book


About the project
Chinook Book helps you support local sustainable businesses — and save money while you’re at it. This app contains hundreds of coupons from local merchants committed to protecting the environment and giving back to the community. You’ll find offers from great local restaurants, independent coffee shops, natural grocery stores, local bakeries, outdoor and bike stores, garden centers, theatres, yoga and fitness studios — and you can redeem them right on your phone.



Brixton Pound


About the project
The Brixton Pound (B£) is a complementary currency accepted within around 200 small independent businesses in and around Brixton. Because B£s can only circulate within local participating businesses, the scheme stimulates local trade and production, and helps protect jobs and livelihoods through a stronger local economy.

Bristol Pound


About the project
Support your high street and strengthen your community by spending Bristol Pounds with hundreds of independent, Bristol-based traders. Open an account to join the thousands of others who are spending Bristol Pounds (joining is completely free of charge). After opening a Bristol Pound account with Bristol Credit Union you can pay into your account with a standing order or with any standard bank transfer

Lewes Pound


About the project

There are around 80 businesses using the Lewes Pounds. A significant proportion of these are the familiar retail outlets that you pass in the high street every day. In addition, we have the farmers market on a Friday and the monthly market that hosts dozens of market stalls.

The Stroud Pound


About the project
The Stroud Pound is all about strengthening our local economy, building new relationships and making us think about how we spend our money. Over £200 has been raised for local charity.

Totnes Pound


About the project
You can spend Totnes Pounds at any of the 70+ shops or businesses in Totnes that display the “Accepted Here” logo. You can get: food, taxi rides, clothing, household goods, bike repairs, haberdashery, shoes, artists materials, books. The list of traders accepting the notes are in the flyer, and the issuing points are marked with a star



About the project

BerkShares are a local currency designed for use in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts and issued by BerkShares, Inc., a non-profit organization working in collaboration with participating local banks, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

The Brooklyn Torch


About the project
We are a local currency project providing a paper means of exchange in North Brooklyn that circulates and supports the resident community in our neighborhoods. The Brooklyn Torch brings together communities to improve social and economic ties.

Bernal Bucks


About the project
Bernal Bucks is an initiative driven exclusively by residents of Bernal Heights. They are dedicated to strengthening the economic livelihood of our community. Originally with the “Bernal” tags on Dollar bills, with Bernal Gift Certificates, and now with the Bernal Card, the initiative provides incentives and systems to keep our money local. The buck shops here.

Community Currency Database


About the project
Online Database of more than 250 Complementary Currencies Worldwide.

CES Exchanges

About the project
CES Exchange Locations


Value For People

About the project
Training and consulting for local money systems.

Global Community Initiatives


About the project
The resources below include a workbook to help community leaders identify and design new means of exchange, and two excerpts from a book written by Gwendolyn Hallsmith and Bernard Lietaer called Creating Wealth: Growing Local Economies with Local Currencies, available through New Society Publishers.

International Journal of Community Currency Research


About the project
The IJCCR was conceived as an online forum for disseminating knowledge about community and complementary currencies. As a freely available online resource, it makes new scientific knowledge about this innovative phenomenon accessible to all, so overcoming many of the barriers separating ‘academics’ from ‘activists’. It also offers speedy publication of new findings, again overcoming the lengthy delays associated with publishing in traditional academic print journals.


About the project
Cyclos is a project of STRO, a leading organisation on monetary innovations. Cyclos offers a complete on-line payment system with additional modules such as e-commerce and communication tools. The Cyclos platform permits institutions such as local banks and MFI`s to offer banking services that can stimulate local trade and development. Cyclos is also used by many organizations and communities to provide community currency services.

Local Exchange


About the project
Local Exchange is an open source PHP/MySQL local currency system. It is currently in use by Fourth Corner Exchange in Bellingham, WA, USA, and Norlets.


Email: calvinpriest@yahoo.com

Community Exchange System (CES)


About the project
CES is an internet-based, global CC network currently (June 2006) serving over 40 independent exchanges in 8 different countries. Users can trade directly and seamlessly with others in any exchange, without having to work through a second-teir network. CES software is not available for download at the moment as it is too complex, but this will change in the future as servers begin to distribute the load in different countries. Instead of having to deal with obscure code and provide their own servers, administrators prefer this solution as they can be part of national and global network within minutes. Each exchange has its own administrative interface with powerful tools for managing and running the exchange.

BCI Software

About the project
Accounting software for your barter company bundled with a full featured e-commerce website.


Email: webmaster@bartercenterinternational.com


About the project
Perl/mysql based multicurrency, multiregistry LETS software.


Email: hugh.barnard@hughbarnard.org


About the project
Barter/trade software solution for private trade groups. Allows members to post listings of what they have to offer, and to create wish lists of products they would like to receive in trade. Brokers within the network can arrange trades between members and track the values exchanged using trade credits or script, which then become a community currency. Pure direct barter exchanges, where there are no trade credits or cash involved, are conducted with the barter offer management system. This system is used to send and receive offers, see the other members reputation, click to contact, edit proposals, and finally to accept or refuse.



Market for Drupal

About the project
Provides LETS accounting in a social networking context. Drupal’s modular architecture rapid assembly of a website addressing the needs of your community as a whole, while the marketplace module allows members to manage their own transactions and offers and wants. This software is properly engineered, flexible, open source, and designed with users in mind. A non-profit organisation, Community Forge, exists to help communities with all aspects of currency design and web site implementation.


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