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Time banking is a method of exchange that uses units of time as currency. One person helps another for a predetermined number of hours in exchange for an equivalent amount of time.

Community Directory



Directory of TimeBanks. Search for a TimeBank by Name, City, State or Country. Click on the yellow envelope icon to send an email to the primary coordinators of the timebank. Click on one of the tabs to view the map or lists of time banks. You can use your web browser search function to search the lists for a city or state.


Timebanks USA


TimeBanks USA was formed in 1995. Its central office is located in Washington D.C. Our mission is to nurture and expand a movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent.

Timebanking UK



Timebanking UK is the national umbrella charity linking and supporting timebanks across the UK by providing inspiration, guidance and practical help. It has over 220 member time-banks and represents over 20,000 timebankers across the UK, generating over 1 million hours of support per year.K are the same. We are constantly learning about how and why timebanking as a means of exchange can make a difference to society. In many ways we are only just scratching the surface of our understanding and experience of this new way of doing business. For a whole heap of resources to help get your Timebank started, look up their Members Tools… 





TimeBank is a national volunteering charity. We run our own volunteering projects which are designed to tackle social issues. They focus on mentoring and youth-led volunteering tackling big issues head on. From social exclusion to digital inclusion, we show the difference volunteers can make and use this to influence others – policy makers, charities and businesses.


NOLA Timebank


USA – New Orleans

Participation in the NOLA TimeBank is FREE of charge, just complete the on-line application. Your account will be activated when you attend a workshop and you will meet fellow TimeBankers.

St Lukes Community Centre



Trade your time & skills with your community.


Rushey Green Time Bank


Lewisham, London, UK

Time Banking is a community development tool and works by facilitating the exchange of skills and experience within a community. It aims to build the ‘core economy’ of family and community by valuing and rewarding the work done in it. Time Banking values everyone’s time as equal, 1 hour equals 1 hour, or 1 credit. For every hour you spend helping someone in your community you are entitled to an hour of help in return. All manner of skills are recognised from walking with someone to baking a cake.

Ash-worth Time Bank


Cheshire, UK

Our project encourages rural people to take control of their personal wellbeing, participate in social groups, walking, reading, art groups. We have a lending library in our office and are organising holistic therapy sessions to benefit older people, carers, single parents and older people who have been made redundant or are long term unemployed.




Time-ON-line is available free to members of Timebanking UK and is a purpose built online system to help you keep a record of exchanges. To date there have been well over 1 million hours traded on the site, across the UK. Time-ON-Line also issues time bank statements noting how many hours each individual has earned and spent, and how many exchanges have happened within the timebank as a whole. This is particularly useful for organisations that need to produce reports for funders, and evidence impact.

GETS plus


.NET Framework

GETS Plus, developed as a for-profit venture with radical intentions, is the most highly developed and complex currency technology I know of that allows Timebanking and multiple other currencies on the same platform. It has a baffling menu of 130+ features including mobile phone payment, printed currency capability and credit card processing.


Community Forge



Community Forge, Matt Slater’s baby, is also a Drupal-based software that could be set up as a Timebank, but its more LETS(Local Employment Trading Systems)-like and can be a commercial bartering system.

hOurworld – Time & Talents


hOurworld is a national nonprofit organization that offers Timebank software and hosting at no cost. It is fairly basic, but easy to use and you don’t need tech staff. Their system is similar to and developed by some of the same staff as Hour Exchange Portland, an extremely successful Timebank. They also offer free software trainings and paid trainings on how to organize a Timebank and how to develop cool applications, like coop and microenterprise development. They are developing fundraising application on their software to help fund their Timebanks.

Community Weaver 2.0


TimeBanks USA, also a national nonprofit, just rolled out Community Weaver 2.0, which has more functionality than its predecessor versions of Timebank software, including features to keep your community abreast of events and announcements. All Timebanks under its umbrella are nodes of one system, rather that completely independent Timebanks. Community Weaver 2.0 allows you to produce transaction reports, which is great for grant writing and reporting statistics to validate your funding. Timebanks USA charges an ongoing fee based on membership size for their software and hosting and it is not open source.


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