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Means of Exchange is your go-to site for information on how to make the resilience economy work for you and your community.

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kiwanja said: So @RioTinto's 'Sustainability' page says they "work hard to leave a lasting positive legacy everywhere we work".… https://t.co/NA0EXXj93k Retweeted by Means of Exchange Tweeted on 27 May
Oxford Economics
Oxford Economics said: Do people drink more in hard times? Psychological theories suggest that alcohol consumption increases during recess… https://t.co/oYphpvxYTD Retweeted by Means of Exchange Tweeted on 19 May
Hélène said: Fiji‘s barter system as Covid-19 hits economy leveraging Facebook https://t.co/5VddtOrlj1 Retweeted by Means of Exchange Tweeted on 15 May
Brave Like Harriet
Brave Like Harriet said: That Jeff Bezos is set to become the first TRILLIONAIRE because Amazon is doing so well during a global pandemic th… https://t.co/r9uEVlotqw Retweeted by Means of Exchange Tweeted on 14 May
kiwanja said: Due to uncertainly around COVID-19 we've had to make the difficult decision to delay the launch of our 2020 Digita… https://t.co/NoEehwDfDB Retweeted by Means of Exchange Tweeted on 06 May
PositiveNewsUK said: Community raffles are supporting small businesses in their darkest hour – and the idea is catching on https://t.co/sQZB8c585s Retweeted by Means of Exchange Tweeted on 04 May